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Creating a global network with students from international schools of different nationalities and cultures.

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“Students League” is a project which promotes activities with the aim of sharing information and ideas and creating a global network of students from international schools of different nationalities and cultures.
This initiative was born at the end of the 2021-2022 school year during the geopolitics seminar at Marymount High School Rome. It took hold earlier this year thanks to the help of some professors. We hope this group will soon be organising cultural exchange activities, Newsletter included, within the Marymount school network. However we also hope to extend participation to other international schools as well.

Students League

What do we do?

This project’s first objective is sharing information.

This means receiving different points of view from each culture and country on topics which affect us directly. We value each and every opinion as we need to view the world from different angles in order to understand it. We wish to achieve this goal through our Newsletters, debates, and simulations of conferences.

Students League’s aim is creating a network managed by students with the goal of exchanging ideas and opinions. We strongly believe that there must be a positive relationship between the people who work on a project. Because of this our goal is to create a community of students who will keep in touch. Thanks to the activities done together, social media groups, and, in the long term, trips and exchanges.

Share information

For us, “sharing” means receiving different points of view


We value each and every opinion

Positive relationships

We strongly believe that, in every project, there must be a positive relationship between the people who work on it

community of students

Our goal is to create a community of students who keep in touch

Students League

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Association of International Schools

Students League


Our bilingual schools are all part of the Marymount network.


At Marymount Barranquilla we are a learning community in which the formative experience aims to develop 21st century skills, global competence and positive entrepreneurial leadership based on strong human values.


Our mission is to train women of integrity, with the skills to lead the sustainable transformation of the environment in an innovative way, within a framework of Christian values ​​that welcomes diversity and encourages inclusion.


As a Catholic school focused on the full development of the human person, Marymount’s mission is to welcome students of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, seeking to guide them toward their full potential by striving to prepare them both academically and spiritually to be lifelong learners and tomorrow’s leaders, as well as to respond generously to the needs of our world and promote justice and dignity for all.

Ms. Sarah Gallagher, Headmistress


Students here are empowered to build their confidence, spirituality, leadership skills and sense of self. Who we are teaching is as important as what we are teaching. Whether innovating in our STEAM Hub, debating in class, dancing on the stage, or learning a new world language, they are encouraged to sharpen their critical thinking skills, collaborate with others, and celebrate our diverse community of over 40 different nationalities. Securing top university placements beyond Marymount, our graduates are global citizens prepared to make a difference in the world.

Mrs Margaret Giblin, Headmistress


We contribute to the transformation and innovation of education from participating in the integral formation processes that allow its members to develop their abilities and competencies to their full potential with a visionary leadership that promotes investigation, innovation, regional, national and international strategic partnerships and the implementation of a state-of-the art pedagogical model.


Marymount School is an independent, Catholic day school that seeks to educate young women who continue to question, risk, and grow—young women who care, serve, and lead—young women prepared to challenge, shape, and change the world.


Our curriculum is based on a range of best international standards that ensure each child is prepared for the next stage in their education – wherever in the world that may be. Marymount schools have some of the highest academic standards in the world and those benchmarks form a crucial part of our own international curriculum and constant self-review. Our students are encouraged to develop a strong sense of personal service to the world around them with service learning projects built-in to the curriculum.


Here at Marymount Institute, we have always been convinced that educating is a mission that goes far beyond mere teaching: educating is, first of all, a form of love that we carry forward day after day in our school

Il Preside, Andrea Forzoni

Students League

Association of International Schools

Students League


We strongly believe that in every project there must be a positive relationship between the people who work there, for this reason our goal is to create a community of us students who will keep in touch both thanks to the activities we will do together for the project and less officially thanks to groups on social media and in a future projection to trips and exchanges.


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